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 Q: Where the address of the office of PT. Home Fuji Japan?

PT. Japan Fuji Home is located at Jalan Tukad Batanghari no. 3
Panjer Denpasar-Bali 80225
Phone: +62 361-4723564
Fax: +62 361-4723565

 Q: PT. Fuji Home Japan Engaged in what?


PT. Fuji Home Japan engaged in the Developer and Order House. In addition to building housing, we also create a model that can be selected House and was built on land owned by you, in which construction will be carried out by PT. Fuji Home Japan.

 Q: What are the advantages possessed by Fuji Home Japan?

Advantages possessed by Fuji Home Japan, among others:
LOCATION: of all Residence Fuji Home Japan is a strategic location.
SECURITY & COMFORT: Fuji Home Japan is very concerned with the safety and comfort ranging from materials, structures up to Japanese standards of quality finishing.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Fuji Home Japan is also concerned with the cleanliness and very environmentally friendly, so that each of his Residence will be arranged so that the flow in the drainage clean water only.

 Q: Anywhere location Residence of Fuji Home Japan?

1. Fuji Home Residence Gatot Subroto is located at Jalan Penamparan (Gatot Subroto Barat- Denpasar)
2. Fuji Home Residence Renon is located at Jalan Tukad Balian (Balian Housing Nuance Permai- Denpasar)
3. Fuji Home Residence Gatot Subroto Middle is located at Jalan Gatot Subroto I (Gatot Subroto Central-Denpasar)