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Japanese-style room
Washitsu traditional Japanese room / Japanese -style room with a door and walls of the ground made of wood and paper , as well as on the tatami floor . A room is always comfortable and cool .
Kitchen systems
Introducing the kitchen of the most popular systems in Japan . Of the type of face to face until the island , there are various types . We also provide a wide range of diverse colors.
The entire room can be used as storage
The whole room can prepared storage room in the whole room , including in the bathroom and toilet . Limit storage space can be connected as a whole . used as storage
Air conditioner Rooms
The family room , bedrooms and the main spaces paired AC . Can realize a comfortable space wherever and whenever .
In each room is given a comfortable communication environment with a pair of internet cable installation .
Cable TV Facilities
Cable TV antenna fitted as standard . Anywhere can watch TV in any bedrooms .
TV Bath Tub
In Japan many people enjoy a soak in the bath tub . Please enjoy a soak while watching TV .
Equipped with household electronic equipment
We equip with major household electronic appliances such as TVs and refrigerators . After moving , the customer can immediately start a new life .
CCTV Cameras anti theft
CCTV we can record 24 hours . Prevention against anyone suspects and checking of guests when not home to do
Box shoes at the entrance . At the entrance to the large glass paired . Appearances can check before traveling.
Dry pile
Facilities pile of laundry in the balcony which would be provided in Japanese . Not only dry but can dry a large mattress .
Japanese Woodblock mold prints Ukiyoe
Ukiyoe typical Japanese art since the days of Edo . Please enjoy each sheet of wood carvings made ​​by craftsmen who are adept
Hanging scroll
It is one of the paintings that became a Japanese-style room decoration that store no Ma . Arts and crafts unique to Japan to create an atmosphere washitsu / Japanese-style room